Studies – Unit 2 (Functions), Review Set 2

The quiz this week is on parallel/perpendicular lines, functions, mapping diagrams and domain & range.

Click here to access the explanations for review set 2.

If you want to get a head start on what we’re going to be working on during this unit, check out the SL review sets. 🙂

Studies – Review Set 2

Review Set 2 is set up exactly like the quiz – what’s different are the numbers.  🙂  This is your opportunity to see how I would work through a problem, but if you still don’t understand, here are your next steps:

  1. Call a friend (or better yet, review with a friend in person!) and ask if they understand/can explain it to you
  2. Call me if you still don’t get it (call me until 10pm or after 6am – you can text in between, and if I’m up, I’ll text back!)
And here are the links for the worked answers:
Good luck studying!